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About Wendy

“As a seeker of Divine Truth, Wendy Nelson is deeply passionate about personal growth, self awareness and authentic living.”

She is a certified BodyMind coach, professional licensed massage therapist, intuitive channel and spiritual teacher.

Her love for serving others began at a very young age, satisfying her need for human connection. This deep desire for connection often left her feeling different and unlovable. Throughout her life, she struggled to find peace in an unforgiving and chaotic world.

This became her mission: To find peace, love, harmony, and have meaningful connection while helping them find peace within chaos. Together, we can overcome fear despite our struggle with low self esteem, depression and anxiety. And to raise our awareness of how each one of us has the ability to make a huge impact on the world.

At a young age of 21, Wendy married her best friend in the fall of 1998. Two years later their son was born and in 2005 their family felt complete with a sweet little girl. During her free time she enjoys being active, spending time in nature and taking road trips with her family. She also enjoys yoga, meditation, gardening, journaling, reading, spinning, trail running and cooking.

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