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“Wendy has helped me regain confidence and believe in myself. She is continually helping me to learn to love myself and all of life’s circumstances that are given to me. Wendy has helped me become a better wife, mother and friend”

-Lisa B.


Do you sometimes feel disconnected? Do you wish you could feel less scattered and more grounded? Get out of your head and into your heart. Your heart is the pathway to a deeper connection.


Are you living the life you want? You can have it. Begin with your thoughts and feelings. What you pay attention to is creating your current reality. Clear your mind and let your imagination inspire your creative abundance.


Do you want to be fiercely confident? There’s something special about being comfortable with who you are. No apologies, no proving yourself, no excuses. Is it time to let yourself be seen and make an impact.

Why Work With Wendy?

At BodyMindSoulutions, we believe that every human being can live a peaceful and fulfilled life.

As we journey through life, we desire meaningful connection to something bigger than ourselves. We desire to make a contribution through our gifts and follow who we are meant to be.
By combining these two perspectives and learning to tune into the wisdom of your body waiting to be heard, you will feel more connected, present and fulfilled.

“I can’t say enough amazing things about Wendy! My husband Jake and I have been seeing Wendy for over 10 years. She has supported me through my lowest of times as I’ve struggled with health problems, issues with IVF and a broken spirit. She has always known how to tap into exactly what I need in the moment and truly heal with her amazing hands and spirit.”

Brittney I.
How Does It Work?
As the owner and creator of BodyMindSoulutions, Wendy believes that each human being has access to an infinite amount of wisdom that is available to them through a clear mind and an open heart. Are you ready to listen?

Creativity is key to dreaming big! This step is all about rewiring your brain and starting new habits and patterns that shape your present and future. You will get crystal clear on what really want. You will learn to trust yourself and believe that you have the answer.

This step is a powerful process of fully accepting your entire being and receive all aspects of yourself no matter what your circumstances have been in the past. Learn to love yourself again with self soothing techniques and mindful practices. Receive yourself first, then watch the pieces fall back into place.

Be Free
Remembering who are and relaxing into your true nature is the path to true freedom. You will perceive challenges with new perspective and achieve inner peace and freedom. You will see your life shift in small & simple ways when you learn to raise your vibration. Take this step toward freedom and step into your soul’s highest potential.


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How Much Does It Cost?

Well, let me ask you this…

Stress is the #1 underlying cause of inflammation and physical, spiritual, mental and emotional imbalance. This is the reason for an unhealthy environment for the body to heal itself. It’s your responsibility to end the negative repeating patterns in your life. You don’t have to let stress control you. You can be free from pain and get yourself back.

  • Emotional dependency on people, food, and/or chemicals.
  • No matter what you do, it’s never enough.
  • Looking outside yourself for happiness.
  • Overloading your schedule draining your energy.
  • Exhaustion. No energy to accomplish your goals and follow your dreams.
  • Serving others from an empty cup resulting in feelings of being taken advantage of.
  • Stress causes systemic inflammation which is the #1 underlying cause of death.
  • Early retirement due to illness and health issues putting a strain on your finances and relationships.
  • Overactive mind causing insomnia and sleepless nights.
  • Overthinking and overwhelm
  • Exaggerating and over-analyzing.
  • Feelings of inadequacy and lack of confidence.
  • Feelings of hopelessness, sadness, loneliness or being ‘weighed down’.
  • Feeling trapped. Wondering, what’s the point?
  • Taking vacation or personal days to play catch up at work/home.
  • More sick days, lowering productivity, increasing financial stress.

As a seeker of Divine Truth, Wendy Nelson is a student and teacher of personal growth, self awareness and authentic living.

She is a Speaker, a Certified BodyMind Coach, LMT, intuitive healer and spiritual teacher.

Wendy grew up in a family of 7 children and as the only girl of 6 brothers, she became a caregiver at a young age. She has always been very sensitive person so naturally, she looked for people in need. For many years she believed that love was defined by how people responded to what did for others. She believed it was someone else’s responsibility to make her feel loved. The truth is she didn’t love herself enough.

Wendy has always been very passionate about connecting with others with depth and meaning. Her mission in life is to spread peace, love, and harmony to others by helping them overcome limiting beliefs that sabotage their own happiness that blocks them from loving themselves and letting others love them.

At a young age of 21, Wendy married her best friend in the fall of 1998. Two years later their son was born and in 2005 their family felt complete with a sweet little girl. During her free time she enjoys being active, spending time in nature and taking road trips with her family. She also enjoys yoga, meditation, gardening, journaling, reading, spinning, trail running and cooking.

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