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My husband, my daughter and I often go to the neighborhood pool to cool off during hot summer days. On this one particular day, we walked in to see a mother sitting next to the pool with her attention fixed on her phone. She had 3 young girls with her. We often see our neighbors there who politely greets us with a hello, but not this time. Our neighbor did not look up to notice our presence as she was too involved in whatever she was looking at. We stayed there for about 45 minutes and during that time I couldn’t help but notice the behavior of these 3 young girls while we were there. They tried several times to get her attention. She never looked up from her phone to interact with her girls. She was so involved with her phone that she never made an effort to engage with them. They continued to do their best to get her attention and soon began posing and dancing in front of the phone. They finally got what they wanted! She began smiling, taking pictures and showing them what they looked like on her phone. 

This story made me think about what was really going on. Are we teaching our children to find love and attention by looking for people’s reactions to our our photos and videos? It only takes a moment to pause and understand the damage that is going on. 

Are we going to continue normalizing and teaching that it’s ok for us to use our phones to receive love and attention? I feel like there’s a deeper level to this story that is valuable to look at. 

We walk around looking down at our phones. We eat lunch with our phones. We use apps to track every move we make. We make decisions based on other people’s opinions. Instead of tuning in and listening to our own personal guidance system, we ask google.  We are constantly in our heads overthinking, judging ourselves, judging others, complaining and falling victim to circumstance. We get caught up in gossip and shallow conversations. We use social media to voice our opinions and attack each other if someone doesn’t agree. We use the phone to avoid responsibilities and complain there’s no time to cook a healthy meal, go to the gym, take the dog for a walk or take 20 minutes to step away from screens to clear our minds and relax our bodies. 

I often speak of body mind soul connection as a means of self healing and achieving whole health and wellness. Your thoughts are so powerful and the choices you make on a daily basis can heal you or they can slowly kill you from the inside out. You can choose whatever outcome you want by choosing your thoughts. In the medical world, this self healing technique is called the placebo effect. In the world of holistic healing, this is called faith. You can will yourself well.   

We know and understand that we are walking around a little bit broken (for some a lot broken) and disconnected from each other. We also know that living this way is not helping us become better as a human race and on a bigger scale, Mother Earth is suffering too. So how do we peacefully coexist on this plant and receive the benefits of living life to the fullest?

Notice and be aware of your habits. 

~ Using your phone to avoid someone or something.

~ Negative thoughts and complaining. 

~ Blaming someone for how you feel.

~ Defending yourself and needing to prove you’re right.

Try practicing one or more of the following suggestions.

  • Pause and ask yourself these three questions
  1.  Is this true for me?
  2. Does this serve my highest good?
  3. Does this give me energy or drain my energy?
  • Stay in your lane. What is best for you isn’t necessarily best for someone else. It’s not your responsibility to fix anyone and vice versa. 
  • Take responsibility for your own happiness. If someone is bringing you down, recognized if they are constantly draining energy or if they are just having a bad day. Maybe it’s time to clean up your feed or social circle.
  • Choose your thoughts and words wisely. Positive outcome begins with positive thoughts and emotions. Notice what is triggering you. Like attracts like.
  • Do what makes you feel good. When you take action based on how you want to feel, your body will let go, relax and restore its energy.

Bring awareness to your habits and patterns that are not serving you. Make positive choices and release the grip they have on you. Everything you think, say and do has the potential to heal or destroy. Prior to this awareness, you allowed your thoughts to have power over you. Take your power back! Begin each day with gratitude and believe that you can HEAL, return to wholeness and live in peace and harmony.

May you walk with peace, freedom and joy.


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